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Teaching Tip: Verb Form Jeopardy

This versatile activity is a great way to help students distinguish verb forms and their usage by visualizing. First, draw a scoring grid on the board similar to the one used on the Jeopardy game show, with categories across the top (Movies, Sports, etc.), and score amounts (100, 200, etc.) increasing from top to bottom below each category. The number of categories and score values can be determined by the teacher. Each score value represents a different verb + verb form. For example, 100 can be walk / simple present, with the highest score value being perfect tenses. The difficulty level can be adjusted depending on the level of the class.

Divide the class into teams. The team that goes first chooses a category and any score value, for example: Sports for 100. If the verb + verb form is run / simple present, the first team to come up with a correct sentence about sports using this verb and verb form earns the 100 points and the choice of the next category and score value. An acceptable sentence might be "The player runs to first base." For lower level students, the categories can be replaced with verbs themselves, with the score values representing verb forms only.

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