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Essentials 101:

    PART I: From Sentences to Paragraphs

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Section 1: Simple Sentences

Section 2: Clauses

    L5: Introduction
    L6: Examples of Clauses
    L7: Adjective Clauses
      L7a: Adjective Clauses, cont.
      L7b: Adjective Clauses, cont.
    L8: Adverb Clauses
    L9: Noun Clauses

Section 3: Conjunctions

Section 4: Common Usage Errors

    L14: Sentence Fragments
    L15: Run-on Sentences
    L16: Comma Splices

    Part II: From Paragraphs to Essays

Section 5: Paragraph Elements

    L17: What Makes a Good Paragraph?
    L18: Topic Sentences
    L19: Developing Topics
      L19a: Listing
      L19b: Bubbling
      L19c: Free-writing
    L20: Supporting Details
    L21: Conclusions

Section 6: Common Paragraph Types

    L22: Description
    L23: Comparison & Contrast
    L24: Persuasion

Section 7: Elements of the Essay

    L25: Overview
    L26: The Introduction
    L27: The Thesis Statement
    L28: The Body
    L29: The Conclusion

Section 8: Drafting and Revision

    L30: The Rough Draft
    L31: Proofreading & Revising, Introduction
    L32: Revising for Parallelism
    L33: Revising for Consistency

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Writer's Handbook

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