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    Writer's Handbook

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    • Homonyms
    • Every day & Everyday
    • Lie/lay; sit/set
    • Avoiding the generic He
    • That & which
    • Colons & Semi-colons
    • Numbers
    • Active and passive voice

    • Avoid Redundancy
    • Variety, PART 1
    • Abbreviations
    • The Colon and the Dash
    • Parallel Structure
    • Know Your Ending
    • Peer Editing
    • The Most Common Usage Errors
    • Special Uses of the Present Tense
    • Italics or Quotation Marks?
    • Lean and Effective
    • Note Cards
    • Keeping a Journal
    • MetaSpeak
    • Effective Introductions

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Writer's Handbook

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