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Technical Writing:

    Course Index

Please click on the 3 active Sample Lessons below. The silver links on this page have been deactivated for the purpose of this demo.

Section 1: Drafting Definitions

Section 2: Drafting Descriptions

    L4: Purpose of Descriptions
    L5: Steps One and Two
    L6: Steps Three and Four

Section 3: Describing a Process

    L7: Purpose of Process Writing
    L8: Subject and Audience /
           Writing the Introduction

    L9: The Body
    L10: The Conclusion

Section 4: Revising for Coherence and

    L11: Revising Paragraphs for Coherence
    L12: Revising Sentences for
             Effectiveness, 1

    L13: Revising Sentences for
             Effectiveness, 2

Section 5: Writing the Proposal

    L14: Purpose of Proposals
    L15: External Proposals
    L16: Structure of Proposals, 1
    L17: Structure of Proposals, 2

Section 6: Drafting the Front and Back Matter

Note: Sections 6 and 7 both address The Formal Report, which is a substantial document; therefore, the two lessons should be worked on as one project.

    L18: Purpose of Front and Back Matter
    L19: Front Matter, Letter of Transmittal
    L20: Front Matter, Cover and Title Page
    L21: Front Matter, The Abstract
    L22: Front Matter, Table of Contents
             and List of Illustrations

    L23: Back Matter

Section 7: Writing the Formal Report

    L24: Introduction
    L25: Preparing Formal Reports, 1
    L26: Preparing Formal Reports, 2
    L27: The Body, 1
    L28: The Body, 2

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