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L10: The Conclusion

The conclusion should be a paragraph, maybe two, that attempts to broaden the scope of your essay. To write a good conclusion for any essay you must look at what you said in the introduction, then say in the conclusion what would logically follow. (Ignore the body of the essay for this.) Simply look at the introduction, which is in essence focusing the reader's attention on the body, on the process itself, and then write in the conclusion something else about the process that doesn't necessarily have to do with the actual steps themselves. For example, in an essay describing how to play Monopoly, the introduction might tell the reader what this board game is and what the general goals of the game are. The body of this essay would explain how the game is played. The conclusion of this essay, in an attempt to say something to broaden the scope of the subject matter, might comment on something about the nature money or about buying property or about possessing wealth--something that has to do with Monopoly but also takes a wider look at the game.

Remember: your introduction and your conclusion are the creative areas of this essay. Your body, which is the actual process analyzed, is more technical.

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