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Resume Lab

In today’s increasingly global job market, effective communication across cultures is essential. Whether your goal is to secure a meaningful career, or both, the main pre-requisite remains the same – effective communication skills. Your resumé and cover letter are the first thing a potential employer will see, so make sure it’s perfect: learn the strategies for successful resumé and cover letter writing in English with our special Resumé Lab.Description
This intensive lab gives you everything you need to know about writing successful resumés and cover letters in English in just two weeks. Each student will receive personal feedback and instruction from an experienced, expert writing instructor. Resumé Lab includes detailed lessons onUnderstanding the power of resumés and letters;Developing effective content for resumés and letters;Formatting professional resumés and letters;Writing grammatically correct sentences that get attention.You will also receive Usage Reviews to help sharpen your English grammar and usage skills, 24-hour access to our online Writer’s Handbook with exercises, and 24-hour access to our Discussion Area, where you can post your work for review and feedback from instructors and other writers in the course. Best of all, you will have your final resumé and cover letter professionally proofread and edited by your instructor.Consumer Alert
Proofreading and editing services generally charge more than $10-$20 (US) per page, and they don’t teach you how to use the skills they employ in improving your resumé and letters. With Resumé Lab you will get not only a professional proofreading and editing but also practical skills that will last a lifetime.Course Contents
Students have up to 2 weeks to complete this intensive lab.
Resumé Intensive (Lab) (2 weeks)– Fee: $39 usd
Section 1: The Resumé
Personal Data
Resumé Format
Section 2: The Cover Letter
Types of Cover Letters
Principles of Cover Letters
Follow-up Letters
Other Employment-related Letters
Letter Format
Section 3: Strategies for Success
Resumé Strategies
Cover Letter Strategies
Bonus! Interview Strategies
Supporting Materials:
The Writer’s Handbook–covers topics such as common errors, active and passive voice, transitions, and more.Model Resumés and Letters9 Usage Reviews/TestsA Final Usage ExamA Discussion Area where you will interact with instructors and other studentsRegistration and Fees
Students who register will be given given access to course materials within 2 business days of registration. Once you fill out the form and click Submit, you will be redirected to Paypal.Refund Policy
A student has three days to withdraw from a course for a full refund.